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Ukrainian classes

You can learn Ukrainian at any age from any stage with a professional teacher and native speaker of Ukrainian language based in Melbourne.

At RADO Translations we provide Ukrainian language tuition both in-person and on Skype:

Classes for adults

In every course designed for our clients we carefully consider your current level of Ukrainian (from beginners to advanced) and your particular goals to ensure that you will quickly progress and gain confidence in your Ukrainian language skills. Depending on your particular interest, we can also provide you with cultural insights and traveling tips about Ukraine.

Classes for school children

“When we encourage young children to develop both languages, we are not just helping them integrate their different cultural selves; we are also guiding them toward more academic success, healthy social relationships with both cultural groups, more tolerance and acceptance toward other people, and a stronger financial future.”*

We offer one-on-one classes (either in-person or on Skype) for school children. A professional teacher of Ukrainian will carefully assess your child’s level and learning style to make sure your child enjoys the classes and becomes proficient in the Ukrainian language. We are committed to helping children achieve their language goals, whether it is reconnecting with their cultural heritage or communicating freely with their Ukrainian family or peers.

To make learning Ukrainian a fun and efficient experience we use a variety of teaching methods and techniques, including flash cards, mobile apps and on-line tools.

* Virginie Raguenaud. Bilingual by Choice: raising kids in two (or more!) languages. (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2009), p.2

Classes for toddlers

KOLO Ukrainian Playgroup in Melbourne

Raising a bilingual child is a necessity for many parents – either from birth or after relocation. We want to keep family ties intact and share our cultural selves with our children.

We believe that the earlier you start exposing your child to a second language the better. Babies’ and toddlers’ brains are like sponges. Recent research shows that learning two languages from birth is as natural as hearing and speaking only one language. The ability to hear different phonetic pronunciations is sharpest before the age of three.* Infants and toddlers can differentiate a wider variety of language sounds than older children.

If you are a parent with a toddler or pre-schooler based in Melbourne, join Kolo Ukrainian Playgroup to let your child learn Ukrainian while playing with other kids, listening to stories, singing along and dancing!

Please contact us for more information via this page or on mob. 0423 309 768, or visit our website www.koloplaygroup.wordpress.com

* Fred Genesee. “A Short Guide to Raising Children Bilingually.” Multilingual Living Magazine

Our fees start at as low as $30 per child’s class.

Contact us today to find your way to learn the Ukrainian language.



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  • “Having struggled many months to find a Ukrainian tutor I stumbled across an advert on the Internet for Ukrainian language tutoring.

    Once I had contacted Olena via email, I could tell that she was very enthusiastic about teaching and decided to have a lesson.

    My knowledge of Ukrainian was very little only a few words and limited knowledge of the alphabet.

    Now after a couple of months of lessons Olena has given me huge confidence in learning Ukrainian. I am now confident in writing sentences, reading and speaking. Olena also gives me assignments, which keep me learning and always is trying new methods and techniques to find the best way that I learn, always taking care not to overload me with work but helping me to progress further.

    I always look forward to my lessons knowing that I will progress each time with a fun and knowledgeable lesson.”

    Stefan F.
  • Jacob has just sung Pechu-Pechu Khlibcyk and Ravlyk-Pavlyk out of the blue for the first time ever. Every single word and the right melody too! I nearly burst into tears with pride and surprise! Thankyou for keeping us moving in the right direction. Hooray!!!

  • “Olena was my language teacher. I needed a tutor with the highest skills and qualification of Ukrainian and Russian (and also English) languages. Besides language tuition, she made presentations on the political, economic, cultural, geographical and other situations of Ukraine. Since I arrived in Kyiv and started my work as the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine and Moldova, I realized how accurate and insightful her tuitions were.”

    Hiromi, professional diplomat
  • My grandson, Olak, has been attending Kolo for the last two years. He has developed from a shy toddler to a fully integrated participant. Olena has a wonderful rapport with children. With a patient and calm manner she brings out the best in children. The activities are age appropriate, engaging, stimulating, varied and most of all fun. Congratulations, Olena, on your successful Ukrainian programme.

    Olesia R.
  • “Olena was contracted by the International Consultants Centre to deliver a cultural briefing for an Australian professional and his family. The briefing was delivered with good preparation, insight and client focus and included input on Russian and Ukrainian language.”

    Jane Hayman, ICC